Hedgecode News

[15.11.2019]: Library snooker-score-api v.0.2 is available online.

New version of Java library snooker-score-api v.0.2 released and available for download (jar, javadoc, sources).

[16.05.2019]: New version of js-rotator released.

New version of javascript plugin js-rotator-0.2 released and available for download.

[01.01.2018]: Happy New Year 0x7E2!

Hedgecode portal congratulates all involved in software development with the coming New Year!

[22.12.2017]: New Hedgecode main page released.

Fully updated HTML design of Hedgecode portal.
Old original design, which was a bussiness card of Hedgecode portal in 2012-2014, is left for history and can be found on this page.

[02.12.2017]: New design of the wiki-portal wiki.hedgecode.org is available.

Completed design and configuration of the wiki-portal Hedgecode based on the MediaWiki engine for wiki-projects.

[02.02.2017]: Forum of Hedgecode portal forum.hedgecode.org created.

Completely renewed forum of Hedgecode portal. Now it is based on the Simple Machines Forum (SMF) engine.