Hedgecode Javascript Development

In the process of creating the portal Hedgecode periodically there was a need to write a specific Javascript code which would improve the perception of our portal for visitors. For example, such utility functional solutions include visualization of rotational graphic objects or hiding from spambots of personal data present on portal pages.

Some of this technical solutions were subsequently designed as separate Javascript plugins that can be useful as standalone entities for third-party developers.

Short review of the released Javascript plugins that are part of the Hedgecode development:

Javascript plugins:

Hedgecode E-Mail Obfuscator (js-mail-obfuscator)
Short description:
Hedgecode E-Mail Obfuscator is a simple javascript plugin based on jQuery for obfuscating e-mail addresses on HTML pages, which makes it difficult to collect personal data for Internet bots.
Current version: 1.01 (download)

Hedgecode Rotator (js-rotator)
Short description:
Hedgecode Rotator is a multifunctional javascript plugin for display of rotational HTML objects based on jQuery library.
Functional features:
  1. Ability to choose one of six types of objects rotation effects: slide, fade, bounce, drop, explode or puff;
  2. Presence of visual controls for the rotation of objects: start, stop, next, previous, go to a specific object;
  3. Ability to set time intervals for rotation of objects via the options parameter.
Current version: 0.2 (download)
Example of work:
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