Hedgecode FAQ

After getting acquainted with the portal you might have some questions. Before asking them on the forum see the list of answers to the most common questions. Perhaps you will find what you were looking for.

What is the Hedgecode?

Hedgecode is a full-featured community portal for software developers which is designed to facilitate and centralize the source code development, provide a place for communication as well as a set of server tools that provides storage, assembly and testing of projects.

What programming languages do you prefer on the portal Hedgecode?

Hedgecode developers do not limit themselves with the choice of a specific programming language, but at the moment most of the development is carried out in the Java language.

Why was the name 'Hedgecode' chosen?

The name of the portal Hedgecode is formed from two words: 'hedgehog' and 'code', which is a reference to both the community logotype — the hedgehog, and to the basic concept of open source development — the source code.

How to become a member of the Hedgecode?

More details of possible participation in Hedgecode projects you can found on the development page.

How can I contribute to the Hedgecode and its projects?

You can provide feasible financial assistance to the project and contribute to further interesting developments on the donation page.

Where can I find Hedgecode releases?

You can get acquainted with the projects source code, the latest releases of libraries and plugins and their description on the portal resources lib.hedgecode.org and maven.hedgecode.org.

How to contact the developers and administrators of the portal Hedgecode?

For all questions related to the development of Hedgecode projects you can contact the portal maintainer by e-mail: . Technical questions about the correct work of the portal should be addressed to e-mail: . An alternative option for referring to the participants of the portal Hedgecode is our forum.

What is the priority paradigm of software licensing for Hedgecode in terms of development?

Hedgecode community follows the paradigm of open source software and shares the ideas of the Free Software Foundation. All these principles and beliefs as far as possible was displayed in our Hedgecode License.